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ITM is a comprehensive geophysical operations company offering a broad range of specialized geophysical services to the oil & gas industry. ITM turns a client's exploration concept into a reality through our efficient, full service turn-key, Seismic Project Management Plan. From start to finish we ensure the highest level of satisfaction to meet the demands for our clients.

ITM's mission is to ensure that our clients receive the highest quality and most efficient data to aide them in their exploration needs. Our commitment is to instill a partnership between our clients and their lessors, thereby increasing the potential for their success.

ITM's management team has over 75 years combined experience in the geophysical industry, worldwide and in all areas of the US, including Texas, Louisiana, New Mexico, California, North Dakota, Oklahoma, Pennsylvania, New York, Arkansas, Alaska, as well as Internationally. Our extensive experience with large scale seismic surveys ensures that all factors are researched in advance, and expenses are budgeted at the outset of a project.

Our centralized service to oil and gas companies to conduct on-shore seismic exploration projects is founded on the principals of providing our clients with superior data quality while maximizing the cost efficiencies of our clients. Through strategic alliances with well respected exploration service companies, ITM has created an effective turn-key operation that ensures superior data quality for our clients. This turn-key operations allows the exploration company to focus on what they do best without having to incur the day-to-day headaches of managing multiple phases of the seismic survey process.

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